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Naturligtvis finns det oändligt mycket mer att visa och berätta om detta för mej mycket stora äventyr, men det ryms inte riktigt på sidan! Till slut fick ”Ice wanderer” en ”execelent price of sculpture” och en egen plats i den enorma skulpturparken mitt i Beijing ! Lämna denna adress till taxi chauffören när ni är i trakten!

Beijing International Sculpture Park (Beijing yuquan Park) Add: no.2 Shijingshan Rd Changan St West Ur "Works Collection Book of China International City Sculpture Exhibition and symposium" (Beijing 2002). More than 2400 sculpture projects are received - 1900 pieces from about 685 chinese artists and more then 600 pieces from 850 artists of 62 foreign countries.” ”120 life size sculpture and 100 solid models were finally selected out by the judges invited by the organising comittee in the meeting room of Beijing planning administration. The Exhibition appeals greatly to the artists from all over the world, The features of internationalities, atistry, compatibility and forecasting were quit outstanding” reportage – Johans video - Ice Wanderer

Ylva Hallback (svensk konstvetare) utsågs till enda kvinnliga jurymedlemmen för Biennalen ! – Richard Brixell och Frans van Bruggen deltog i symposierna med bland annat Thesis ”Hotspots of Significance for the development of Art in Contemporary Times". Statements and activities as a basis for artistic innovation. (symposium papers for Biab sid.335)

Med utgångspunkt från dessa besök och mina arbetserfarenheter i Kina, visar jag gärna dokumentären ”Ice Wanderer” samt berättar om och diskutera mina kulturvisiter i landet i öster.

Ladda ner ett bildspel från skulpturparken i Kina (3.7 mb Powerpoint).


Thesis outlines 1st Beijing International Art Biennale Frans van Bruggen and Richard Brixel.

Hotspots of significance for development of art in contemporary time. Statements and activities as a basis for artistic innovation.

It is our opinion that the Arts and thereby it’s artists, have an increasing importance, meaning and role to play in contemporary times.
Almost explosive changes in ways of communication – technical innovations – increasing difference in the habits, knowledge and experiences between generation’s etc. It all makes the importance of making a personal identification in society to a number one prospect.
In our daily work as professional artists, teacher and representatives we found that we had know-how – perspective and ideas dealing with many of these phenomena’s. Here we present samples from various directions.

In afford to create a necessary structure and order for our daily activities and security, we don’t leave very much space for collective creativity. Creativity which is badly needed in all kinds of work to be done. But may be most of all we individuals needing it as a tool for identification in contemporary issues.
We found that this key word creativity in art discussions was increasingly used and misused in many other contexts. On the symposium we will present examples and refer to different projects and works. How do we create time for reflection – how shall we break rules in order to improve them? Etc etc. We tried to find the necessary fundaments and obstacles for creativity to bloom – working with various methods and groups. We want creativity to be shared and used as a tool for self-development and identification in social matters – so many of us can get a larger perspective and better view.

Various aesthetic aspects and suggestions for planning and building. Can and should we make extended living rooms? Can creative teamwork be a tool for optimal artistically freedom and responsibility?
What is the diverse between private art and art in commission.
We like to think that the unexpected meeting with ideas, personified in physical art expression and well integrated in daily life situations, will help us with communication as well as identification! “Every life is an artworkJoseph Beuys. Every well planned and tooled meeting place, can be a work of art. (History teaches us that)
While showing slide samples of our works in Sweden and abroad - City- sculpture(art in common space – offentlig konst) – social art projects etc., we will describe surrounding circumstances and other experiences we find significant and illustrative for our aims.

Human aspects on technical innovation and progress.
New tools and materials – products - production techniques etc. should be used and tested by artists! Who else would do this necessary research on aspects of news and bad news, without any other interests then to expose relationship between news on the market and effects on us human beings. And artists working methods are often of use for other innovative projects. Most new things are found by accident.
Naturally our work deals with different aspects of what we meet and use in daily life. But we also try to express and build a necessary personal link for us and as we hope for our public. We want to find what we can do togheter! A personal relationship which is absolutely necessary for all of people to be able to join co-operative activities in order to recognise a personal role. For better understanding of the significance and importance of meeting other cultures.
During the process and because of our specific angel on artistic innovation (we would like it to be related and based outside the artwork as well as inside) several questions came forward. For example:
Does teamwork automatically mean that freedom of creation is domed or at least threatened!
Can creativity be transmitted and used as a tool in workgroups with identified goals?
What are the obstacles for a better integration of art? Is mixing together a helpful, healthy thing!? Many questions can be raised, our meaning was to expose a possible way, not to provide the answer. We think that the art rather raises questions and new perspective.

According to these more overall reflections about art and the contemporary purpose of art, we have during many years, tried to find forms of expression and different frames to innovate our means of work. We find that questioning the purpose and use of art is a very helpful – desirable and healthy step in all-artistic innovation.

Frans van Bruggen & Rickard Brixel


Our own skin running arround with
a promising dinner at the outside
and an empty belly on the inside!

material: copper
Beijing International Art Biennale China 2003